Sculptures YAMAHA 1987 – 2000

Most of the presented objects were shown at the international Glass Now exhibition organized by the YAMAHA Company. The most-renowned glass designers in the world took part in the event. In 1991, I had the honor of participating in a special event, along with Bohumil Eliáš, I was awarded a separate presentation in several cities in Japan.


Crystal glass and optical glass, one of the cleanest in the world, called FLINT,

The cold working process allows for a piece to truly become elevated with grinding, carving, etching, engraving and other techniques that add complexity and detail to any given piece


SILVER TREES, they were prizes in the Jozef Gielniak International Graphic Competition, organized by the Jelenia Gora National Museum in 1987.

The originators of the young student’s commitment to such a serious and honorable task were Ludwik Kiczura and Halina Pawlikowska, professors at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław.