I am delighted to present an exceptional, unique art glass made in my studio. Many years of experience and passion have resulted in professional projects focusing on the values ​​of design and art.

My design solutions with use of artistic crystal glass will give the interior an unconventional and magical character.


This is a new quality, professional lighting objects for which the name of the lamp or the chandelier seems to be not entirely precise. I make them in a noble, knowledge-intensive method of casting crystal into lost wax. I make sure their shape is attractive on each side, I choose the right textures, colors and finally I let the light enter them, which dispersed by a galaxy of microworlds trapped in a solid crystal, will beautifully illuminate the space, giving it an unusual magical atmosphere. They will look great over a beautiful table top or a kitchen island,

During the day they are exceptional, unique sculptures inviting light inside, and in the evening they become light.

Currently, two models are available: Cristal Light (with a composition of lemon crystals) and Monolith Light. For both models there is also a version to be hung vertically, e.g. in the stair core.