Olech Glass Studio

I am involved in glass, including the period of study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, since 1985. For many years, I managed to get to know this unusual material so that problems related to technology would not prevent me from achieving “glass goals”. All kinds of objects made in the studio have a unique character and high quality, which is not negligible in glass. Studio cooperates with the best architects from all over Poland.


The studio’s activities are varied, from elements of interior design through all kinds of glazing. Current technologies allow even creation of monumental objects, properly exposed and illuminated glass is characterized by unusual grace and lightness, which is in vain to look for in stone or metal. Glass is a matter that not only reflects light but also allows it to penetrate its interior. Light wanders in the space of shapes creating a new quality every time. Many old technologies are currently experiencing the so-called the renaissance, there has always been fashion for glass, it has remained unchanged until today opening new possibilities for me and you each day.

We cordially invite you to cooperation.

Wojciech Olech