Wojciech Olech

What is beautiful in stone or bronze is often unacceptable in glass, what is beautiful in glass is often unacceptable in another material, every aspect of it is unique.

It connects the invisible and visible world, it begins to live when, like no other substance, it invites light into its interior.

Glass is a way to experience the world, a way to travel, a journey full of adventures.

Glass cannot be learned, you must have it in the blood, you can not be offended when it is too fragile, too cold when it is too hot, too sharp. You have to love it, gently and tenderly tame them so that it does not offend the artist, I try to do it every day for 30 years.

What is it for me? Nothing? everything.

Graduated from the College of Fine Arts in Wrocław.  In 1989 he received a diploma in the field of art glass in the studio of prof. Ludwik Kiczura. He completed supplementary studies in the fields of drawing, painting, sculpture, art history and design.

More important exhibitions


The Way and the Truth, National Exhibition of Young Painting, Wrocław


International Glass Symposium, Frauenau, Germany


Judy Youcns Gallery, Huston, Texas, USA

1990 – 1995

International exhibition of artistic glass
Glass Now Yamaha, Japan


“Poolse Glaskunst in the Netherlands”, International Center for Glass, Utrecht, the Netherlands


Second International Glass Triennial, Nuremberg, Germany (Recognition Prize) – Anerkenung Price

“New Polish Glass”, The Finnish Glass Museum, Riihimäki, Finland

Exhibition of artistic glass “Abitare il Tempo”, Verona, Italy


Polo Gallery, Edgewater, New Jersey, USA


Function Art. Gallery, Pontiac, Michigan, USA

The L. S. Collection, Soho, New York, USA


“Round Nine”, BWA Glass and Ceramics Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland

Participation in the project “Bear” – presenting the Lower Silesia region at EXPO 2000.




Presentation of a unique sculpture at the US Embassy in Warsaw, at the invitation of the US ambassador to Poland Mr. VIKTOR ASHA


UNIQUE. THE POLISH GLASS OF THE 21 CENTURY, The Giant Mountains Museum, Jelenia Gora


Ludwik Kiczura, History of Glass Passion – 50 Years of Artistic Work, , Wroclaw, Poland

Implementation of a unique crystal floor with the image of the sun in the OSSOLINEUM building in WROCŁAW


Charity party “Sweet Taste of Good” with an exhibition of well-known Polish sculptors, organizers Foundation ORIMARI and Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Le Meridien Bristol in Warsaw May 2012


European Glass Festival “Play with Glass”


,, Ceramics and Glass. Sensual areas”

Works in the collections: Muzeum Okręgowe, Jelenia Góra, Poland;

National Museum Wroclaw, Poland;

Suomen Lasi Museo, Riihimaeki, Finland;

Glasmuseum Frauenau, Germany;

The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning


Glasstosteron ” Exhibition presenting works of 14 Polish artist realated to glass art. Poland


Participation and taking the third place in the sculpture competition, an installation commemoretaing the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Breda by the 1st Armored Division of General Maczek. Organized under the patronage of President of Wroclaw. Poland, Wroclaw